The investment in your business website

As your business grows, so should your website. That's why our single-page websites are perfect for small businesses or self-employed individuals who want to start small and expand as their business grows. And the best part is that you can start for free. So there's no risk in trying our service. Your investment should grow with your business, so we offer a flexible pricing model that allows you to add more pages and features as your needs change. So whether you're just starting or you've been in business for years, we have a solution that will fit your needs.

Your investment:

The "Single-page website"

Your business gets a single-page conversion-oriented website with the following sections:
- "Hero" section - top of the page;

- Basic "product or service description";

- Basic "team description";
- "Contact us" section;
- "About" section;
- "Prices" section;
- "Terms and conditions" popup section;*
- "Privacy and Cookies Policy" popup section;*
- "Disclaimer" popup section*


Included functionality:
- Simple contact form - does not gather emails
- Optimised for social media

- Cookies management
- Links to social media pages
- Easy contact for support

Number of iterations: 2-3
Delivery time: with your cooperation, approx 7 working days


to build



to go live


We work on a first-come, first-served basis and communicate through email. Suppose no feedback is provided by you on the working stage of the project within 72h. In that case, we will discontinue working on that project. If you later want to reopen the project, it will be placed at the back of the queue, and a non-refundable admin fee might be required.


We build the one-page stage of your website without an upfront payment; we will require the total cost of this stage before life deployment or for evolving the project further. 


*We do not offer legal advice; the text of the legal pages will be standard legal text generated by a specialised service; we highly recommend you check this text with the help of a solicitor.

Extra functionality for the single-page website

Single to multi-page core transfer


Mailing list creation and simple form/per list

£97 +

Share it on social media

£97 +

User Interface adjustment for disabled users

£97 +

Simple payment form

£197 +

Expanding the single-page website to a multipage asset

[ Upgrade to the following features once the one-page website has gone live; FREE to integrate - require investment to GO LIVE ]

Landing page / per page  ( without form )

£450 +

Store add-on

£1999 +

Community/access level setup

£249 +

Blog add-on

£697 +

Forum add-on

£1497 +

Text creation / per page

£200 +

Specialised form / form

£497 +

Aquire icon set

£250 +

Aquire image set

£250 +

Fully customisable graphics

£697 +


Comprehensive website audit

£350 +

Installation services 

£250 +

Hourly rate