F.A.Q. of our clients

Do you have a small business, or are you self-employed and in need of a website? Do you want a website but need help knowing where to start or what you need? Well, you're in luck! We build single-page websites for precisely those types of people. 

We continue beyond one page, too. The customer can grow to a multipage website when more content or functionality is required. 

And what's the best part, you ask? Customers always know what they're getting because we provide 2-3 free revisions so that they are happy with the end product. 


We can help with business presentation websites, personal websites, and landing page creation ( and many more ) and incorporate functionally such as:
- mailing list building;

- business / product / service presentation;

- simple payment form;
- blogging ( as an expansion to the one-page website );
- community creation ( as an expansion to the one-page website );
- stores for digital and physical products or subscription base access ( as an expansion to the one-page website );
- appointment booking ( as an expansion to the one-page website );


After filling in the appropriate "Get your one pager" form, we will be able to tell you if we can help you in full. If the project is beyond the scope of our services, we will inform you in due time.


We do not create webpages that promote adult content, antisocial behaviours or any offensive content.


We reserve the right to select our projects and could reject yours without any explanation.

In our field, this research process is called "discovery". Its purpose is to understand you and your customers, prospects, and partners as they are the life of your business. And your website is REALY built for them.


In our "Get your one pager" form, we ask in-depth questions about the intricacies of your business so we can identify your company's mission and the needed functionalities and determine the following steps to assert your online presence. 


When setting up your brand and website online, your business is our business.

YES, we will if you have an existing website and point us to it. Although we prefer to start with a one-page website design, if you are keen to redesign a complex multipage website, please fill in the general contact form, choosing "This is a request for proposal" as the primary purpose of the message. We need to understand what you've been working with, your history and future goals to strategise a rebrand/rebuild. Small websites (1–10 pages) are pretty straightforward to review and receive immediate feedback. 


Suppose your website is in the medium-large size range (10+ pages). In that case, you may want to go for a "Site Audit" first. We can generate a complex written report with problems and solutions to improve the site. Ensuring your business website complies with web best practices is essential and never-ending. There is also a chance for your website only to need a few tweaks rather than a complete redesign.

Web designing generality refers to the front end design of a website or the user interface (UI). 


As reality dictates, we create websites by following a process that includes web designing at its core but incorporates other areas:
- content strategy;
- information architecture;
- copywriting;
- branding;
- marketing / local marketing;
- Search Engine Optimization (SEO);
- UX - testing and design improvement.


That is why we call ourselves "website creators".

The base price for a one page website creation project is £495. On occasion, we run promotional campaigns by handing out PROMO CODES. If you have one, make sure to place it in the corresponding field of the discovery form.


The base price gives you a "ready to go live" responsive website. For our price list, please visit the "Pricing" page. After filling out the discovery form, we will offer you a personalised Proposal form with the corresponding time frame to deliver on each project step. 


You may want to provide yourself with the images and icons for the website - this would save you money. Or, you may want to go for total personalisation of all the graphical elements, from icons to accents or graphics, which will increase the project's final investment.


Web hosting, domain registration, content writing, brand photography or particular functionality like online scheduling, complex email marketing, membership, and e-commerce will add to the final cost. 


With us, the base price payment is only required after setting up the site structure and the general aesthetics of a few key pages.


Overall, the cost of your new website will depend on its functions, the number of pages and the number and licence of graphical elements it might require. 

We work in-house on web design and branding. 


We can occasionally partner with other skilled creatives specifically for content writing and professional custom graphics/photography. The same goes for custom development.


We communicate the extent of potential 3rd party involvement in your project once we assess your business needs.

You will have a central point of contact dedicated to your site to ensure that one person manages the project each step of the way: research, strategy, design, development, launch, and review. We enjoy working closely with our clients to understand their business entirely.


You will want to communicate frequently with this person throughout the project. We prefer email communication to any other form of communication but "to put a face on the name" we can sure use face-timing software. 


We prefer working with one or two decision-makers (the business owner) to make efficient decisions and centralised feedback.

We have a phased process for launching a website:
- Understanding your business needs and clients - is done by filling out an online form.
- Checking out for industry compliance rules - your help is a must on this one;
- Organizing the information on your website per your business needs and clients' objectives - will end up as your website's site map.
- Creating the copy for your website.
- Choosing the aesthetical direction - we will choose the colour pallet and type of imagery to use throughout your website. Having a well-established brand will come in handy at this stage. If you do not have one, we can help you create one by starting another project (ideally before the website).
- Implementing the graphical elements.
- Set up your website's functionality - forms, email lists, contact, store, GDPR splash screen, on-site SEO and microdata, webpage sharing, setting up the performance measuring tools etc.
- Testing the functionality;
- Usability testing - highly recommended to have this one started in the early stages of the web design process by showing it to clients and employees;
- Your website goes live.


*All stages come with 2-3 iteration rounds, at which points your input will be required.
** The stages might be slightly modified depending on the project. Also, remember that we will do a lot of work before you start investremembering in your business website.
*** For redesign projects, the approach would include an audit phase to select useful content from the old site.

Our objective is to have a "basic" one-page website* up and running within 7 days of you completing the "Get to know" form. If you have any specific launch requirements, please mention them in the get-to-know form / other useful information section. 


For more complex websites, we give you a time frame after we assess your project. Please understand that sometimes testing and improving a complex site may take longer than initially expected.


*a "basic" one-page website has the following sections: 
- "Hero" section - top of the page;

- Basic "product or service description";

- Basic "team description";

- "Contact us" section;

- "About" section;

- "Prices" section;

- "Terms and conditions" popup section;

- "Privacy and Cookies Policy" popup section;

- "Disclaimer" popup section.

As a must, we will have to provide:
- information about your business, customers and products and services;
- information about the purpose of your website;
- the written content of the legal pages - in the get to know form, we will instruct on a few sources for these pages;
- your business logo, unless we design it for you;
- photography and icons, unless you instruct us to choose them for you.


Generally speaking, lower-budget website builds mean you provide all the written and visual content. We will write the copy for higher-budget builds and create graphical elements. 


You will always need to provide written feedback/make edits. 

Written content is massively important on your website, and it’s the primary way people and search engines find your website.


Generally speaking, lower-budget website builds mean you provide all, or most of, the written and visual content. That is why the get-to-know forms will contain fields to grab ideas for the copies of your website. Do not worry; we will filter all the information provided to keep all pages coherent and conversion oriented.


For content-rich projects, depending on your budget, we will outsource to a writer responsible for creating the marketing-focused content for your site. 


Working with a content writer ensures we are on the same page with the brand and marketing strategy. We must be working with a writer who knows how to and writes explicitly for websites and keeps page hierarchy, SEO, keywords, and meta descriptions in mind. The message must be spot on for a website to convert your ideal client. 


As with all the aspects of your website, you will always need to provide written feedback/make edits.

Visual content is hugely influential on your website. It’s another way people and search engines find your website when the image files are strategically named for SEO. 


As with all the aspects, for lower-budget builds, you provide all, or most of, the written and visual content. Do not worry; we will curate all the graphical elements provided to keep a coherent visual identity.


You have several approaches when it comes to photography/visuals:

  1. You can send over stock photography free or paid that you can hand pick yourself. We recommend asking us first, especially if you want to buy photographs.
  2. You can ask us to pick stock photographs, free or paid.
  3. Send them over if you have a brand strategy with already picked-up visual elements.  


If you are a photographer, you will provide all the images on your site. We’ll advise on optimising your photos for the web, including sizing, naming, and uploading, so you can manage your website.

Many design companies showcase their work on their website. Some companies only put a few featured projects on their website and if you want to see more of their work, ask.


We are making it REAL!


As all projects are different, even if you look at past projects, we will never have the feeling of the real thing: your project. That is why we start work on your project free of charge. This way, you will feel how we work and see REAL RESULTS.


By filling in the "Get to know form", you offer us enough data to start your one-page website. In a matter of days, you will get a ready-to-publish website with a "Hero" section, "Contact" section, "About us", and a product or service description section, plus the legal sections. On that, you can make 2-3 iterations, and you pay just before this version of your website is ready to go live. It is that simple.


Sometimes, we may need to get in touch with complex requirements or functionality and ask you more questions.

As a general concept, a Content Management System or CMS is what's used to create and organize content on your website unless you are getting a website coded from scratch (highly unlikely!). 


At the core of the websites we create stands the award-winning CMS named Joomla!. We will extend your website's functionality with the help of addons that will support your business growth.


Some of the key features og our Joomla websites are:

  • the ability to update and backup the website on your own;
  • you will be able to transform your website into an eCommerce platform;
  • the ability to add blog posts and schedule their release;
  • you could create a membership website.


Suppose your business needs the functionality that falls outside the scope of our Content Management System. In that case, we will let you know we’re not the right fit for your business. Once you fill and submit the get-to-know form, we can usually tell whether we’ll be a good fit or not.

It’s rare to code websites from scratch when not doing enterprise-level websites. Some developers may still do this (as we learned how to do in college or a web development course). Still, mostly, design firms use CMS platforms as a starting point and customise from there.


We start with a tried-out framework that we customise based on your business needs. The personalisation will consider ALL the information you provide in the get-to-know forms. That is why you must fill out the "Get to know form" as accurately as possible. 


Suppose your business needs the functionality that falls outside the scope of our Content Management System. In that case, we will let you know we’re not the right fit for your business. Once you fill out and submit the get-to-know form, we can usually tell whether we’ll be a good fit.

A responsive website is a site that displays its content accordingly to the screen resolution. It is important from a usability point of view and from and Search Engine Optimisation point of view. Google’s Mobile Index makes having a mobile-friendly design non-negotiable.

To find out if your website is responsive, do the following:

a. open the website in a browser window; 

b. adjust the size of the browser window;

c. look at the content on the page and see if it’s moving along with the browser size. 

If the content is not adjusting, it’s not responsive.

And YES, to answer your question, our final websites are responsive.

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) has many facets. It needs to be considered a process instead of a standalone event. Our websites are SEO-ready. 


SEO strategies like fresh content, strategic page titles and meta descriptions, proper URL structure, image optimisation, alt tagging, mobile-friendliness, keyword research, and on-page SEO can easily be applied to any of our website`s pages.


While we aren’t SEO experts, we have experience integrating all the basic best practices in every website we build.


Also, it is essential to remember that SEO is Achile`s heel for a one-page website. So, an SEO strategy can be applied when multiple pages are considered.

Yes, we can help you integrate your marketing strategy into your website design to help you achieve your desired results.


However, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The optimum way to integrate marketing strategies into website design will vary depending on the nature of the business and the website's goals.


A variety of marketing strategies can be used in website design, including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, and content marketing.


Your new website will integrate with FaceBook pixel and google tracking code. Moreover, it will be able to build email lists independent of 3rd party services - the email list will be yours. 

It should be clear by now that we always start with a one-pager. But we do not have to stop there. The number of pages depends on your business needs. Most of the multipage websites have, by default, the following pages: 

- Home page

- Contact page

- About us

- Our services and products

- Our prices

- Our team

- Terms and conditions*

- Privacy and cookies policy*

- Disclaimer*


For the one-page websites, the abovementioned pages become some of the web page's sections. 


If you need an e-commerce website, it will have many pages; each product will have its page, and then there is the functional view for payment processing. If your site is centred around a blog or membership, it will be designed as such. Therefore, the content dictates how many pages are necessary.


Our multi-page website design process starts with creating a site map for your project, followed by the page layout, with the ultimate purpose of offering the best user experience possible. 


As a website is never entirely done, it's common to add pages after it goes live. Depending on the type of these pages, you can easily add some new ones. You always want to add new content and keep your service offerings up-to-date.


*We do not offer legal advice on your website's legal pages. The content of these pages will be provided by you or generated by specialised online tools, where available. We strongly recommend a qualified solicitor revise the legal pages. 

The design of an e-commerce site differs from a presentation website. We can create websites for some online businesses. However, to assess and  accept your project, we will need to know the following from you:
- What payment processors will you be using?
- Will there be an in-person point of sale alongside the online store?
- How many sales would you expect to have per month?
- How many products do you intend to sell? 
- Will you be using coupons?
- Will you be using different currencies throughout the website?
- etc.


Also, implementing an e-commerce solution might be challenging if you want a one-page website. Depending on your business, a simple payment form might be the workaround. 

Our website creation process, in general, has the following phases:


- You fill in the "Get to know" form with the necessary information to create a functional one-page website ready for deployment;


- We will create a free, ready-to-be-publish website iteration and allow you two-three revisions. At this stage, the website will have no more than 9 sections (of which 3 will be legal). We can tweak the website's functionality and aesthetics to fit your brand and vision. Any extra pages will be charged on top of the minimum price set at the moment of your application. Your collaboration is crucial, and we allow a maximum of 3 days for your feedback from the moment we present your new website to you. If we hear nothing from you after two weeks, we may cancel your project and require a full upfront payment for future projects.


- Once the revisions have been delivered, you can deploy the website in that state, quit the project altogether or ask for more custom work. To deploy the website, payment for work delivered so far is required. Once we complete the project in full, be it a single or multi-page website, for any additional work, you will be charged an hourly fee of no less than 250£.   


- Every new project stage will be allowed two-three revisions. It will require upfront payments based on our assessment of the required work hours.


We may not get involved in complex projects from a technical point of view, need board or management approval or more than 10-15 presentation pages. Such is the case of non-profits, academic institutions or companies with multiple business services.

There is no such thing as a 100% secure website, and we can not guarantee your new website's total security. Nobody can. But we can keep it as safe as it can be.


Maintaining a website includes keeping it free of bugs, hackers, and spam. Updating your site's software and plugins, getting routine backups, and an SSL certificate is crucial to ensure ongoing performance. 


Some of the ways you keep a website secure include:
- Use a strong password for your website admin panel.
- Use a secure (HTTPS) connection for your website - this will encrypt the information exchanged between your website and visitors' web browsers, making it much more difficult for hackers to intercept and steal data. You can tell if a website is using a secure connection by looking for the https:// in the URL. Most web browsers will also display a padlock icon next to the URL to indicate that the connection is secure. We can assist with having an SSL certificate installed on your web server.
- Keep your website scripts up to date - new versions often include security fixes for recently discovered vulnerabilities. Older versions are often unsupported, so a fix may not be available if a new security vulnerability is found.
- To keep spammers away from the contact forms, we can install the "I am not a robot" checkbox and take other measures to limit spammy activity.


We can assist with all of the above and more. 

All our websites come with an integrated admin page presenting links to technical website pages and instructional videos. Your team can easily update, backup or even create new pages. We are not far away, though. All the pages of your website will have access to a built-in support contact form that can be used to ask for our help. 


Not to mention, we include a complimentary 2-hour website training session to help your team learn how to self-manage and update your website. 

Yes, we do!


A "Request for proposal" means you ask us for a proposal once you have submitted your web design parameters.


So, if you are only interested in the Proposal, use the general contact form, provide as much information about your future project as you can, and make sure to tick YES at the question regarding this matter. This way, we will not start the creation process as we would typically do but email you a Proposal as per the information provided. 

Most of the scripts used to build your website have been made "open source" by their developers, and our company is paying an annual fee to get updates and support. So this is on us. However, similar to social media platforms, you own the content you upload, but you don't own the platform/template you use.


Now for different content types:

- Ensure your domain name is registered in your name or your company's name. 

- We may create graphics and copy for your site (ie: visual accents or logo). You will want to own these files and have a copy of them saved to be safe. After the final payment for your project, we transfer the ownership to you and provide all the file formats you need.

- The photos used can be royalty-free, provided by your purchase. The latter may affect the final investment in your website. The same goes for some other graphical elements.

- If we use free Google Fonts for your project, most likely, they will be free. If we use a custom font we've purchased, you will have to buy it, too.

We test all our websites before launching, as your website needs to render smoothly on various browsers and devices. For this purpose, we follow a checklist of internal quality assurance measures to ensure that all bases are covered before taking your website live.

We put passion into building a business asset. Do you?

Get a one-page client-absorbing website in 7 days without any technical knowledge. It takes 5 minutes to start, and you have ZERO financial risk! Evolve from there.